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Immigration Evaluations

When filing for certain immigration benefits, or when defending your immigration case, using the services of a licensed psychologist  experienced in conducting psychological evaluations for immigration cases can be invaluable. A psychological evaluation conducted by a qualified psychologist can be accepted for consideration of several cases.


Medical Certification for Disability Exceptions

Naturalization applicants with a physical or developmental disability may seek a waiver of the English and / or  U.S. History and Government testing requirement. This waiver (Form N-648) is completed by a medical doctor, a doctor of osteopathy, or a licensed psychologist. The evaluation process consists of a clinical interview (including speaking with family members if appropriate) and cognitive testing. If the client meets the criteria for an exemption, Dr. Merrill will complete the N-648 form and will include detailed supporting documents to assist in obtaining an exemption.

 Evaluation Fee: $600.00
In-office evaluation time: 1-2 hours
Form completed in 5-7 business days
Documents include a completed Form N-648 with supporting clinical documents


Extreme Hardship Assessment for 601-Waiver
Cancelation of Removal of Deportation
J-1 Visa

A psychological evaluation can be an invaluable component of immigration cases that aim to prove extreme hardship. A well-written psychological report is instrumental in demonstrating that the qualifying relative would suffer if he or she is separated from the applicant. In cases of small children, removal of a parent can cause significant distress and anxiety. Furthermore, it may cause an extreme hardship for the lawful resident to accompany the immigrant back to his or her home country. To demonstrate hardship, Dr. Merrill will conduct a clinical interview, will administer psychological tests, and reviews all pertinent medical, educational and legal records. After completion of the assessment, a comprehensive reports is mailed directly to the client's attorney.

Evaluation Fee:  $1100.00
In-office evaluation time: 3-5 hours
Report completion time: 15-30 business days
Document: 12-15 page comprehensive psychological report


VAWA Assessment
Battered Women, Children and Spouses

Clients who are victims of domestic abuse may file an immigrant visa petition under the Immigration and Nationality Act, as amended by the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA). The victim of domestic abuse may prove that verbal, physical, sexual or emotional abuse has occurred in the relationship.

The evaluation process consists of a comprehensive clinical interview as well as formal psychological testing to assess for emotional and psychological impact of the abuse.

Evaluation Fee: $1100.00

In-Office evaluation time: 3-5 hours

Report completion time: 30 business days

Documents presented to attorney: Psychological report, typically 8-10 pages

Court Testimony Fees                                             
Preparation Time      $200 / hour
Testimony Time         $200 / hour
Deposition Time       $200 / hour

Travel Fees  $150.00 per hour plus expenses